Monday, February 23, 2015

Week 28 - I Love Manta

Basically, I have like one minute to write, and I don´t have time to send pics but I´ll send them next week.
But basically the Lord is working miracles here in Tarqui. It feels like Elder Walker and I are opening up a new sector. We had a baptism this Saturday, Moises Plaza. And the Lord is helping us a lot with finding new people.
I love Manta and I love being a missionary. On Sunday we went to my old Branch so that my companion could interview one of my old investigators for baptism, and EVERYONE in the Branch was so happy to see me one last time and I forgot my camera, but they all took photos with me. I love and miss them all so much, but I know that I´m here in Tarqui for a reason :


Elder Nájera

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Week 27

Carnaval is this weekend, and we`re not going to be allowed to leave the house for a few days, so we were allowed to write today.

Elder Walker and I have been working like crazy trying to talk to 20 different people everyday so that we can have people to teach.

I feel like I`m in a whitewashed area. We have no less actives, no recent converts, and only one investigator. He`s super cool. His name`s Moises, and he already had a baptismal date for the 21st of February. We have a ton of work to do.

I was sick for a few days, and I had to spend an entire day in bed, but I`m all better now. Well, that`s all for now.

Happy Valentine`s Day.

Elder Najera

Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 26- I got Transferred but I am still in Manta

Elder Criddle and I were able to put Adriana and Darwin on date for the 21st :) Andrés is going to receive the Aaronic Priesthood this week so that he can baptize his wife. Sadly, I won´t be there /:

I got transferred today to a new area. My new companion is Elder Walker. LUCKILY, I'm still in Manta :) I´m really excited for this opportunity that I have to work with a new ward, but I was a bit sad to leave because of all of the people we were working with.

This week´s going to be great.

Love, Elder Nájera

Monday, February 2, 2015

Week 25

We have like 4 people that want to get baptized, but three of them need to get married.  The other one is a certain Adriana Chinga. She´s going to be baptized by her ex-less active husband on February 21st :) They went to the Stake Conference this week. Stake conference was pretty dang good. Two other investigators showed up! We just started teaching them last week, but they already give us food and everything. Their names are Luis and Jenny.
Jenny is baptized in the Jehovah´s Witness church but stopped going because of some things she  didn´t like. Luis believes in God and the Bible, but has never been in any religion. They both loved Stake Conference and are stoked to keep learning more. They want to be married, and they want to be baptized. Jenny reads every single pamphlet that we leave her, and she´s in 1 Nephi 5 :)

Love, Elder Najera