Monday, December 15, 2014

Week 18- New Companion

We had our Christmas activity in Guayaquil this Wednesday. Elder Moore and I went down on Tuesday. Only, Elder Moore didn`t come back. We had an emergency transfer, and I returned from the activity with Elder Criddle, from Highland, Utah (I don`t know why all of my companions are white)!
Elder Criddle has been out in the field exactly as long as I have. He speaks Spanish pretty well, and we`re working together in amazing unity. We have been contacting like crazy, and working hard every day to the point where we are exhausted upon our return home.
I leared a lot from our visit to Guayaquil and our visit to the temple. And I am learning a lot day by day.
Love you all. My companion has a nifty recording machine, so here`s an audio recording from the both of us (But mostly him) Merry almost Christmas!

Elder Najera

Check out the Audio Here:  Eric Starts talking at the 4:15 mark.

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