Thursday, November 26, 2015

Week 67 - Christmas Conference

This week definitely had its ups and its downs.

With the ups, we had a baptism! Jostin was baptized and confirmed. That family´s doing fantastic. Also, we bumped into Jefferson at stake conference. I almost died of joy. He´s doing super well. He received the Melchizedek Priesthood! He said that as soon as he completes one year of being a member, he´s going on a mission :)

We had a lovely Christmas Conference with the whole mission. President Dennis focused on Family History Work. We are now teaching Family History and Eternal Marriage as a part of EVERY lesson and EVERY contact.

Also, today´s my companion´s birthday! We woke him up early and sang to him while he blew out his candle. I had Elder Herrera secretly buy a cake and a Coke for later tonight (My comp still has no clue) So yeah.

And well, with the downs, we had NO ONE at Stake Conference. So that was a bummer. We had to drop a lot of investigator this week, but that means that this week we´re going to find new people :)

So yeah. Happy Thanksgiving!

Elder Najera

Our Christmas conference

Jostin´s baptism

Stake Conference with Jefferson

Elder Arratia´s Birthday

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Week 66

Saludos From Monte Sinaí,

So this week´s going to be our Christmas Conference, and because of that we are having our little pday today from 9 to 11. So yeah.

 This week we have a baptism! Jostin, the son of a single mother whom we reactivated, is going to be baptized and confirmed on Friday =) He has to be confirmed at the baptismal service because this week is also stake conference.

 The Zambrano Family, a family of three, is preparing to be baptized on December 5th! They had a date for the 28th, but it fell through because yesterday they left at 5 in the morning to Bastion Popular because Their grandmother had an accident. But, they accepted their new baptismal date very well, and they´re reading in their Book of Mormon and experiencing changes in their family =)

The Castilla Family (Less actives) are going to be rescued this Sunday, and Their 9 year old son, Jared should also have his baptismal interview. Juan, our recent convert, recieved the Aaronic priesthood yesterday! He´s doing fantastic. We´re working with his sister now.

 We also had an amazing investigator go to church yesterday. Luis. We´re going to extend a baptismal date with him for December 5th.

 And yeah. I´m stoked for the Christmas conference. We´re probably going to the temple. Next pday is my comp´s birthday, so that should be fun too.

Elder Najera

Monday, November 2, 2015

Week 64

Happy Halloween! I´d honestly completely forgot about that until somebody reminded me today.

This Saturday we got to go to a Multi-stake activity celebrating the 50th anniversary of the church in Ecuador! It was cool. There were a TON of people. We sang I am a Child of God as the Ecuatorian pioneers came in. It was all recorded. Not sure where that footage went, but Elder Arratia and I are definitely in it!

Juan´s baptism was miraculous. We didn´t start filling the font until 4:30, and the font takes 5 to six hours to fill. When it was 7:30, Juan and some other people showed up, and the water wasn´t even up to our knees. When it was 8:00, we thought he was going to have to do the baptism sitting down or something, but somehow the font had filled up enough for the baptism to be done normally! And we had Elder Torres come and sing a special number (He was on The Voice of Peru right before the mission), so it all just turned out really nice. Sadly, we had some baptismal dates fall through because people went away to visit their dead this Sunday. So yeah.

We had something called Colada Morada. It´s this purple liquid with a ton of random fruits in it. It´s really good. Aaaand, that´s about all for this week.

Elder Arratia says hi.

Elder Najera