Monday, November 2, 2015

Week 64

Happy Halloween! I´d honestly completely forgot about that until somebody reminded me today.

This Saturday we got to go to a Multi-stake activity celebrating the 50th anniversary of the church in Ecuador! It was cool. There were a TON of people. We sang I am a Child of God as the Ecuatorian pioneers came in. It was all recorded. Not sure where that footage went, but Elder Arratia and I are definitely in it!

Juan´s baptism was miraculous. We didn´t start filling the font until 4:30, and the font takes 5 to six hours to fill. When it was 7:30, Juan and some other people showed up, and the water wasn´t even up to our knees. When it was 8:00, we thought he was going to have to do the baptism sitting down or something, but somehow the font had filled up enough for the baptism to be done normally! And we had Elder Torres come and sing a special number (He was on The Voice of Peru right before the mission), so it all just turned out really nice. Sadly, we had some baptismal dates fall through because people went away to visit their dead this Sunday. So yeah.

We had something called Colada Morada. It´s this purple liquid with a ton of random fruits in it. It´s really good. Aaaand, that´s about all for this week.

Elder Arratia says hi.

Elder Najera

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