Monday, July 27, 2015

Week 50 - A Baptism and a New Companion

I don´t know why the pictures didn´t send right last week, so I´m sending them again.

Ines got baptized and confirmed this week! She´s doing good.

So Elder Pat and I were split up. Previously we had been proselyting in all of Daule. President Dennis has sent two new missionaries here, and Elder Pat and I are now working in different areas in Daule. Which is sad because our convert is in the other sector as well as everyone we were working with.

My new companion is Elder Conde from Colombia. I still don´t know him very well. We are going to be working really hard this week to find families to help convert or be rescued. I´m not TOO familiar with the part of Daule that belongs to us, so it should be fun.

Love you all! Thanks for your letters.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Week 49

Well, this week´s been really great :)

We had our two investigators with baptismal dates show up to church on Sunday. One of them is Ines Almeida.  She goes to church every week with her mother and her brother. Her brother got baptized a year ago. Her mother has been going to church for some time now, but can´t be baptized because she isn´t married to her husband. But that´ll come much much later. Anyway, Ines is excited/a little nervous for her baptism :) AND a miracle happened! Our branch mission leader´s dad wants to be baptized! We´ve been working with him for a while now, and last
week we invited him to baptism, and he accepted gladly a baptismal date for
August 21st. :) We´re also working with his wife to reactivate her.

Last week we had an activity. It was a pot luck dinner with international
plates. A lot of people came (for the food) and we found some new
investigators and part member families :)

Elder Pat and I are doing well. I´ve sadly bought all of the blue Gatorade available in Daule, but that's okay now.  Transfers are coming next week..... I don´t like transfers.

Monday, July 13, 2015