Monday, July 27, 2015

Week 50 - A Baptism and a New Companion

I don´t know why the pictures didn´t send right last week, so I´m sending them again.

Ines got baptized and confirmed this week! She´s doing good.

So Elder Pat and I were split up. Previously we had been proselyting in all of Daule. President Dennis has sent two new missionaries here, and Elder Pat and I are now working in different areas in Daule. Which is sad because our convert is in the other sector as well as everyone we were working with.

My new companion is Elder Conde from Colombia. I still don´t know him very well. We are going to be working really hard this week to find families to help convert or be rescued. I´m not TOO familiar with the part of Daule that belongs to us, so it should be fun.

Love you all! Thanks for your letters.

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