Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 24

I apologize for not writing for the past two weeks.

Anyway, this week we found this guy from New York called Cesar. He´d been living there for the past 20 years but got deported. We taught him about 3 times and each time we taught him the lessons got more and more awkward/weird. Turns out he has mental problems. So yeah. We dropped him. But it was a good learning experience! Elder Criddle and I will be paying close attention to everything that people do and say from now on :)

Aside from that, we´ve been working with an investigator called Pablo. He´s super cool, and always tries to speak English with us, haha :) He´s gone to church two times, and his only challenge right now is that he´s not married to his wife. But he loves, and knows that everything we´ve taught him about the importance of families is true. In one of his prayers (He likes to attempt to pray in English) he said "One day my family will be Christian" :)

We have a tone more investigators and less active members that we´re working with, but I honestly don´t have time to write about them all with the whole one-hour limit to be on the computers /: So that´s all for now.

Elder Nájera.

P.s. I tried Polaca this week. And it´s heavenly.
P.p.s. I´ve started writing in my journal every night.

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