Monday, April 20, 2015

Week 36

Veronica didn´t get baptized. She did get home the day before her baptism, but she was super sick with Chikungunya (A virus that´s been spreading like wildfire in Ecuador). We gave her a health blessing and she got better, but she still didn´t get baptized the next day because her sisters own the house that she lives in right now, and they said that if she gets baptized, they´ll kick her and her child out of the house. So yeah. She said that she wants to be clean of her sins eventually. We´re pretty positive that if she gets an answer that the Book of Mormon is true, she won´t let those other doubts get in the way of her goal. We´re going to be passing by a lot to help her take those steps to true conversion.

Israel got an answer to the Book of Mormon and wants to be baptized on May 9th. He´s so humble, and he really wants to turn his life around. And we have another investigator named Alex who´s read more than half of Gospel principles and is currently in the repentance process :) He´s really cool too, we just have to help him a lot.

Elder Walker and I are doing fantastic. His health is much better, and we were really blessed this week. We thought that we were going to end the week with 1 new investigator and only Alex at church, but the Lord put in his part and three new investigators showed up and stayed for the three hours. They are all really good college friends, but none of them live together or are related. We pulled them aside the third hour of church and answered a lot of their questions. They said that a lot of bad things happened to them, and they saw online that members of the church are usually happy people, and they wanted to be happy.


Elder Nájera

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