Monday, May 25, 2015

Week 41 - Invasions

This week we went and did invasions (where all of the missionaries in the Zone go and contact) in other missionaries´areas. We went to my old area, and another area that I´ve never worked in here in Manta. It went good, we were able to help them a lot. Also, the assistants had a sleep over at our house for two nights because President Dennis had some business to take care of here in Manta, and the Assistants wanted to work in some of the missionaries´ areas.

We had some new people that we found go to church, so we´re going to keep working with them to see if they´ll progress. My companion and I made this chart with ALL of the members that can accompany us and their schedules. It helped us a lot. We have really been bugging everyone we possibly can so that we always have a member to teach with us. It helps with fellowshipping the investigators, and helping them go to church.

We´ve been teaching this really interesting guy named Milton. He was a referral. He picked up the missionaries from another area in his taxi, and they got talking and said we could visit them. He was really intrigued when we taught him about the Book of Mormon. He´s actually really prepared. Every time we teach him, it´s like we´re teaching him things that he´s always wanted to know, but never knew where to find the answers. His wife and kids are pretty cool, too. We´re doing everything we possibly can to get him to church this week.

And well, I´m doing fine. I haven´t gotten sick. We had really good food this week. And, yeah.

Elder Najera

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