Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Week 56 New Area

Well, Elder Conde and I have been kicked out of Daule! Apparently the mission is really short on missionaries right now, so Elder Pat and his companion stayed in Daule and now Daule is back to having one pair of missionaries. But, Elder Conde and I were able to leave behind two baptismal dates for them. ALSO, I bumped into an Elder at the bus terminal at Guayaquil this morning who said, ¨Hey, a lot of the members in Tarqui have been asking about you, and say hi"

Elder Walker is going home tomorrow, and I bumped into the Elder who has been his companion there in Manta for the past three months. He told me that Vicente (An Investigator that was going to be baptized a week after I got transferred out of Manta) is an active member of the church and is doing great! He also told me of many other people that Elder Walker and I had been working with who had joined the church or become active in the church, and it made me really happy :)

Anyway, I´ve been put with Elder Morales from Argentina. He´s fantastic. We´re opening up a sector that was just closed. Not just any sector, either. The biggest sector in the mission! Seriously, it is ridiculously huge. We could fit at least 15 Daules in it without exaggerating. It´s fantastic. I´m super happy to be here. It´s super hot, and it´s super dusty, but I´m way excited!

Oh yeah, it´s a place called Monte Sinaí. I think It´s part of Guayaquil, but I´m not entirely sure yet.

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