Sunday, May 1, 2016

Week 88 - Earthquakes and stuff.

I´m completely fine. The earthquake didn´t do much damage to Guayaquil. It is sad to see that many cities have become grave yards, though. Manta was wrecked. The night the earthquake hit we were all told to go to our houses immediately. Some missionaries went back, and there house wasn´t there any more. The phones went out, and really it was miraculous that we were able to evacuate all of the missionaries so quickly from Bahía, Pedernales, Chone, Manta, Jaramijó, Portoviejo, and Jipijapa. All of the mission is either here in Guayaquil, or in Libertad or Daule. This past week has been super stressful. All of the missionaries who came from outside of Guayaquil were staying at the Temple Housing. Most of them left behind all of their stuff. Fortunately, president Dennis has had two dreams about this happening before. So we were prepared. Everyone had 72 hour kits and Safe Places. I had to move about 50 Mattresses all over Guayaquil and Pedro Carbo and Libertad. It´s been pretty hectic. All of the missionaries were protected by the hand of the Lord.

One of the missionaries who came from Manta is Elder Guajardo. He´s going to be the new materials secretary here in the office. I´m training him to replace me. In total, we have 10 missionaries living in our house now.

Victor was baptized today. Tomorrow he´s going to be confirmed. He´s doing really good.

Anyway, I think that´s all for now.


Elder Nájera

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