Sunday, June 12, 2016

Week 95 - First week back

So it`s been fantastic to be back in the field 24-7. My companion`s name is Elder Delgado. He`s from Perú. He´s really excited to be here. He´s going to be a good missionary.

This week was pretty busy. We´ve spent our week passing by all of the ward members  and asking for referrals like crazy. We´ve gotten a lot of help. We now have plenty of less-actives and investigators to teach.

This week we put a baptismal date on a man named Miguel Angel. He said he wants to be baptized on June 25th, but he´s got some doubts that we´ve gotta help him out with. We´ve also been working the the Ramirez family. It´s a golden family. They´re all committed to go to church this Sunday!

The members have been good to us. We were getting lost at first not knowing where our ward boundaries are and stuff, but now we´re good. It´s a really small ward/sector, but it´s nice.

I am loving the fact that we are now eating REAL FOOD. I´ve been eating the same office food for the past 5 months. Everyone thinks that the office Elders have it nice with the food and all, but no. They don´t.

Anywho, I don`t think I can send photos anymore. Every single one of my 3 SD cards have viruses on them (blame Ecuador). My companion has the same camera that I started my mission with. The only problem is that his SD card isn´t working for some reason, either.

Well, thank you for your emails. Have a fantastic week.

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