Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Week One

Anyways, I'm supposed to be leaving to Ecuador next Tuesday but apparently
I might get a temporary assignment somewhere else in the United States! So
that's cool. I'm supposed to find out where by Thursday. My district is
really great, my companion's name is Elder Price and he is amazing. I love
my whole district as well. It's always a good time. I went to the Provo
Temple today and I loved it. Even more than the one in St. George. While we
were there, my companion forgot his watch after we had walked back to the
main campus to buy some stuff and eat lunch. So since we were low on time,
we walked back to the temple and I went inside to get it for him since he
forgot his recommend. When we came back out, there were three girls outside
that he knew from high school. So that was pretty cool for him, but sadly
we forgot to take a picture of that moment.
We are not staying on the main campus. We are in the West Campus in the
"Raintree" area and it is beautiful. Wayyyy smaller than the regular
campus. I love walking around outside with my companion because there are
trees and a creek and stuff and it's pretty dang nice. The food's great. No
complaints there. Every Sunday they pick two missionaries from our branch
to speak on the spot and I was one of the lucky two! I had written the talk
in English, yet somehow miraculously translated it into Spanish as I spoke.
Even though I am in the advanced class, I still find myself teaching my
district Spanish every day. I am so glad to be here. We went up to the main
campus on Sunday and got to watch a talk be Elder Bednar entitled "The
Character of Christ" Beautiful talk. I was taken so aback by it. It's
helped me a lot. I feel the spirit every night giving me comfort every
night after every exhausting day. So yeah. Please write to me. I'd love got
get letters or emails. Here's some pictures. Elder Price is the blonde
haired Elder on the far left in the bus picture, the one under my umbrella
is elder Alvarez.

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