Monday, September 1, 2014

Temporary Assignment

I apologize for not writing last week, but I was traveling. My reassignment
arrived two Thursdays ago and it turns out that my temporary assignment
would be in the Denver, Colorado South Mission! I was so not excited. Maybe
a little, but honestly it wasn't where I thought I would be at all.  Anyways, It was super hard to say goodbye to everyone in my district. I had
an amazing 12 days and am amazed by all of the things I was able to learn
while there. I'm going to miss those people.
The plane ride to Colorado was like a short-lived dream. Before I knew it,
I was already getting off the plane in Denver and greeting my Mission
President. We had orientation that whole day (there were about 20 new
missionaries), and we all slept at President Murdoch's house last night.
 It turns out that Elder Humphries is also going to the Guayaquil, West
Mission but will be temporarily serving in Denver for Visa reasons. We will
most likely be here for one transfer (6 weeks) but honestly? I don't want
to leave. I am loving Denver. I fell in love with this city before the
first day was over. The rain has been beautiful, the city is great, and the
people are awesome. There is a lake near our flat (Lake S... something)
It's really pretty. We go there in the mornings to play basketball.
My new companions are Elders Finkenthal, and Baughan. We have so much every
day. Elder Finkenthal's Mexican, so he is almost as fluent in Spanish as I
am. I think the Lord wants me to learn Spanish or something though, because
I keep getting put with all these white Elders.
Teaching has been great. I have been in charge of baptismal invites this
week, and it is scary. Our first day here, all of the new elders had to do
a trust fall, backwards off the stage in the chapel. While falling, there
was that moment of regret and fear, but after being caught, I just got the
best feeling in the world. That's what it's like to ask people to be
I'm doing really well with scripture references. I bring a different one in
every lesson, and to be honest, I didn't even know I knew half of these scriptures.
The Spirit definitely does most of the work in our lessons.
It's great to be out here. I don't want to leave Denver. It feels great to
be praying for a million specific people every day and night, and not have
to worry about myself. It feels great to be able to help people and be able
to answer any concerns of theirs with scriptures.
I'm going to try and write more next week. I love you all. I'll be sure to
not smoke any pot while over here. Peace.

Elder Najera

P.s., There is a temple in my mission, and we go to it every month!!

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