Monday, September 8, 2014

Week 4

We have been working hard! I found out a bit more about where exactly we
are. The city is called Lakewood, and the little lake we live next to is
called Sloan's Lake. Whenever we drive by it, people are water skiing, and
swimming, and they think they're having so much fun, but whatever! We have
the Gospel! Elders Finkenthal, Baughan, and I are in the Denver 1st North
area, for the Lakewood Stake. Sunday nights are always loud because our
downstairs neighbors find joy in getting wasted and watching the Broncos
play. Anyway, this week I've been really trying to focus on the area as we
drive in case I'm the designated driver this next transfer. Sadly, only the
designated driver of that transfer is allowed to drive. So Elder Finkenthal
have spent the last 2 weeks fighting over who gets to ride shotgun.
Speaking of driving, Sunday nights here are intense. Every Sunday night,
there are street races going down on a street called Federal. I've yet to
see them, but Elder Baughan and Elder Cabas (He's in my District) tell us
that there are nice cars, motorcycles, and they just hit the pedal to the
metal around 8:30 pm on Sundays. Traffic moves aside to clear the street
for these races. We drove by last night, and there was smoke EVERYWHERE,
and the air smelled of burning rubber. We drove by at 9:00 though, and a
ton of cars were blocking the way, so maybe next week we can see them in
action if we're around that area a little earlier. I tried to convince
Elder Baughan and Elder Cabas to bring our 2014 Corollas into it but they
said nah. Whatever. We went to the Denver Temple on Wednesday! It was
gorgeous. Small, but powerful. We are always working on getting better at
working together as a companionship. To be honest, we've seen some pretty
amazing miracles in just this past week. It all comes down to prayer, and
humbling ourselves by living the gospel of Jesus Christ. I've seen both of
those things get people to give up their smoking addiction, put down the
Corona and go to church on Sundays, and change a work schedule to have
Sundays off and go to church. It's miraculous. I am so blessed to be a part
of this work and help people change & bless their lives. I know I'm in the
right place. My only worry is that two years is going to fly. I need to
work harder. That's all for now.


Elder Najera

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