Monday, June 22, 2015

Week 45- Lots of Perks

Daule is an interesting little city. There´s a lot of perks here. We live right next to this park that has a bunch of machines to work out and a little track. We live in this HUGE apartment. So I don´t have to wait for my companion to shower in the mornings.

There´s also no taxis or buses here. There are these motorcycles with a carriage type thing that they pull. They´re called tricimotos. And they´re .50 to wherever you want to go. There´s a mall close to our apartment, and we live like 1 minute from the church. And we get our laundry washed for free.
And the members are super cool, it´s just that none of them are available until the night time.

So we´ve been opening up this sector alone. We had a three-day exchange with the zone leaders. My companion went to work in the zone leaders' area, and one of the zls showed me around the area for three days so that I could memorize all of the sectors and stuff. I´ve got it down pretty alright.
There´s also these little cities about 30 minutes away from Daule that are also part of our area. My comp and I have A LOT to do. We´ve not had one boring day. There are 50 names on our recent converts list. We´ve been going and visiting them one by one. As well as all of the members of the ward council. The ward is great, though a lot of the members seem to be spiritually inactive. I think lack of scripture study has something to do with that. Everyone has welcomed us really well, though
Yesterday we were invited to a TON of food. We have had rice with chicken for lunch for the past 7 days without fail. Last Monday was our pday, and we went to Carl´s Jr., but we were invited to a Family Home Evening and they gave us rice with chicken. Not complaining at all though. I´ve learned to love everything they give us.

Well, that´s all for now. Thank you guys for your emails.

Love you. Hope all´s going well.

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