Monday, November 10, 2014

Week 13 - Another week, another destiny!

Another week, another destiny! This week we ended up having exchanges with the Elders from Eloy Alfaro. I was put with Elder Blanco, from Bolivia. He was really cool, and it was a good learning experience for me :) And I only got us lost like 3 times! But we got to all of our appointments, and got along swimmingly.

Elder Caicedo is with us right now in a temporary trioship while his companion is in Guayaquil. Apparently, he knows Dallin from the MTC. Small world.

Last Monday, we had a Family Home Evening at an Investigators house. We watched The Restoration and snacked on some Cheesecake Oreo Balls that we made for them. They were TOO good. At the end of the night, we asked one of the investigators to do the prayer, and he almost started to cry as he prayed. On Sunday he shared this experience with us and told us he finally knew what the Holy Ghost felt like.

Also, I´m not sick anymore! All in all, it´s been a pretty great week. Elder Moore and I have started planning differently every day, and it´s working out a lot better for us. We had to drop Arnaldo :( It was sad, but we´re planning on visiting him again in a few weeks.

This week, we found a woman named Narcissa. She was visiting her parents here in Manta from Quito. Apparently, the Mission Offices or Mission Home in Quito are right above her home! Super weird! She said they always invite her to church, but she´s never gone. We´ve taught her like 3 different lessons and she LOVES our messages! We got her info and are referring her to the missionaries in Quito :)

Our singing doesn´t sound quite as well with Elder Caicedo with us, but it´s all good as long as they can feel the Spirit.

Elder Najera and Elder Blanco

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