Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Week 15- This Sunday was great.

We went to Iliana´s baptism this week in Montecristi. The whole time we were singing or that someone was bearing their testimony, the bishop and one of the counselors was talking. Loudly. The person who was chosen to speak about baptism came to the front, read for less than a minute something taken from Gospel Principles about baptism, slapped on "In The Name of Jesus Christ. Amen", and sat down. The water was dirty, so many things were wrong. But despite all of that, there was no denying the fact that Iliana was the most perfect person in that room the second she got out of the water.

This entire week we went with a couple who are in their late 60s. The man, Cides, hasn´t been to church in over a decade. His wife usually asists, and she is the one who is making lunch for us on Wednesdays this month. Cides was sitting down with us eating, and we got talking. We´ve gone and seen him and his wife every other day for the past two weeks. This week we saw the fruit of our labors. I can honestly say that the happiest moment of my life was this Sunday seeing his wife sitting side by side with her husband. Seeing him take the sacrament, and start the process for forming an eternal family. It all started from the moment we arrived at the church building this Sunday and saw a kid sitting outside. He ran up to us and said "My grandpa came to church"! We couldn´t believe it. We walked inside to greet all of the people waiting for Sacrament meeting to start, and we couldn´t believe that Cides and Teresa were there together. I know that Teresa felt what we felt that sacrament meeting when their grandson stood on the podium during the primary program and shared a gospel principle. I know that they both felt it when their grandson would stand up and sing the primary hymns. And I know that everyone else there felt it, too.

Kids are so perfect. So innocent. So Christlike. I looked and I reminisced. I couldn´t believe that I had started out as one of them, and that I had grown up to be a missionary. This Sunday was great.

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