Monday, November 3, 2014

Week 12 Simple Pleasures: Zone Conference, Carls Jr., Despicable Me and finding Israel.

Let me just start off by saying that being sick while on the mission is not my cup of tea. I`ve been having "Tummy Problems". And I`ve finally learned what it`s like to use another person`s bathroom in a third world country.  Not pleasant.  Anyway! This week was exciting. We had a Multi Zone Conference and got to hear our mission president talk. He was powerful. I realized just what a blessing it is to speak Spanish and English fluently.

I also realized how weird it is for two white guys to be together. Elder Moore and I were the only ones. There was ANOTHER Elder Najera. Though not so white. I got a picture with him :)

This Monday we stopped buy Carl`s Jr. to get some food and got to eat it while watching Despicable Me with the whole zone :) I was super happy.

I`ve been told that we`re supposed to be "Looking for Israel" Well... We found him! This week we found a guy named Israel, and we've been teaching him and his girlfriend Gabriela. We also talked about marriage with them and they have been the first couple I`ve seen actually have the desire tobe married! Most couples here are together for a long time and have kids but never bother to get married. That's been our biggest struggle this week with all of the people we`ve taught. Keep praying for us!

Multi Zone Conference


Elder Najera and Elder Najera
Simple pleasures of Carls Jr.

And Despicable Me

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