Monday, October 27, 2014

The Art of Roasting Marshmallows -Week 11

Everything´s great in Zion! This last Monday we had a Family Home Evening and taught the good people of Abdon Calderon the art of roasting marshmallows, haha. We also acted out Ammon defending King Limhi´s sheep.
It was too nice.

Most of the people we talk to don´t even believe I speak English. They´re like, "Really? But can you speak it well?" I take it as a compliment. Also, EVERYONE thinks that Elder Moore and I are between the ages of 25-38. It´s super funny to see their reactions when we tell them we´re 19. Everyone here, even the 70 year old women, watch Dragon Ball Z and know everything about it. I´m not exaggerating. A lot of the people here have a hard time learning, or they can´t read. So we always use visual aids  with anything we can think of. We´ve been getting more and more creative.

There was a man who came up to us asking for money. He said "I´m far from my country. I'm hungry. I´m tired, and I don´t have any money" It was super funny because little did he know, we were in the same situation, too. My companion and I were teaching a man who approached us on the street, when he said "Wait, let me get my song book" He came back with a Hymn book! Apparently, missionaries had been teaching him before. We sang for him, and it was nice. We decided to sing to everyone we taught this week. We´re like David Archuleta, but better :)

Elder Najera

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