Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I've arrived in Ecuador - Week 8.5

I´ve arrived in Ecuador without a hitch. So President Murdoch drove us to
the Denver Airport at 11:00 pm on Monday only to find out that our flight
had left 24 hours before. Two hefty fees later, we found ourselves on the
last two spots available for the Miami plane. We waited at the Miami
Airport for 10 hours and finally flew to Ecuador where President Dennis was
very happy to see that we had made it at last. Last night Elder Humphries
and I stayed with the other missionaries at the apartments they have at the
Guayaquil Temple. We were able to do a temple session the next morning and
then we went to the mission office where we got our new companions and
Elder Humphries and I were interviewed by the President. Elder Humphries
and I have been sent to the Manta area. About a 4 or 5 hour drive north of
Guayaquil. My new companion is Elder Moore. Like Elder Baughan, he too is a
district leader. And like two of my previous companions, he is a blonde
white man from the states. But he´s been out for a year and communicates
without a hitch. I quickly learned that the spanish here is very different
and slurred, so it is hard for me to understand a lot of the people.
However, they still know what I´m saying, and I don´t feel like it will
take me too long to understand what they´re saying. Well, that´s all for

Elder Najera

P.s. We usually took about 2 hours for emailing in Denver. Here, we are
only allowed a maximum of 1 hour every preparation day. So expect shorter

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