Monday, October 13, 2014

Week 9- Lots of Walking in Manta

The mission life here is completely different from Colorado. It is a lot more difficult, and I still haven`t adapted. I am learning a lot from my companion. Elder Moore has taught me the importance of talking with everyone here. So we talk with every person we pass. Sadly, he has been deathly ill. Yesterday, after going to church and eating lunch (Elder Moore wasn`t able to eat anything at all), we returned to our apartment and were told by the zone leaders that we were not allowed to leave the apartment.  Manta is very much like Tijuana. Well, the way everything looks. It is much more humid though. It is more humid than in any other place I`ve lived in. I`ve accepted the fact that I`ll be sweating 24/7 for the next two years. The Spanish here isn`t the same Spanish that I`ve been hearing for the past 19 years. Apparently, that`s just here in Ecuador though. Many people slur their words together and have weird words for many things. However, I can communicate with the missionaries from other Latin countries just fine. The big meal here is lunch or "almuerzo". They usually give us a huge plate of rice with some potatoes and a little bit of meat, a bowl of soup, and delicious juice. I love the food here. It`s different, and delicious. We use U.S. money to pay for everything. Ecuador illegally prints U.S.currency and makes their own coins. So yeah. I have blisters on my feet like never before. We walk more in a day here than we would in a week in Denver. My man Elder Humphries is in my zone, and we see our zone every week for weekly planning at the church, so that`s pretty cool. Well, that`s all for today.


Elder Najera

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Traveling to Ecuador

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