Monday, October 6, 2014

Week 8

We went to a single house, and a woman answered and allowed us to teach her
about the restoration on her doorstep. We didn't think she was even highly
interested, but after teaching her, she gave us her number and allowed us
to schedule a return appointment with her. When returned to teach her, she
wasn't home. However, her 18 year old son answered the door. He didn't seem
too interested, either. However, he too allowed us to teach him about the
restoration on the doorstep. Again, we scheduled a return appointment so
that we could continue to visit with him.  Upon our second return to this
house, ANOTHER woman answered the door. She did not seem pleased to see us
at all. When we asked if she would like to hear our message she gave us a
sort of "Yeah. Sure." So that was promising. But we taught her a doorstep
restoration lesson anyway. When the lesson was over, she admitted that she
had been praying to God. Praying for comfort and for a way out of the hole
she was in. She thanked us for coming, and scheduled a return appointment
with us. Believe it or not, when we returned to teach her, she was not
there. Four kids answered the door. And for the first time in the history
of the universe, WE ENTERED THE HOUSE. Instead of teaching them about the
restoration, we taught them the 10 commandments using hand signals that I
had been taught by  Elder Cabas. We had SO MUCH fun teaching them! When we
left, they were so happy and insisted that we come back the next night.
When we came back the next night, they insisted that we come back the next
night. They're the best. And one of their moms is stoked on us teaching

Here's some pictures of our District P day (Super fun) Sadly, district P
days are now prohibited. We played Mafia, and the Skittles game. Sister
Torres has health problems and sadly had to go home :( But we had a bomb
last p day.

That's all for now

Love, Elder najera.

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