Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Week 60 - General Conference was Amazing

Welp, General Conference was amazing. I loved like, every single talk.

It was nice to hear from the new apostles as well. I think my favorite talk was Elder Neil L. Andersen's about how faith is a choice.

We were able to take Carla and Carmen to three of the sessions, and they absolutely loved it. They´re way converted. We´re going to ask permission on Sunday so that we can take them to the temple at the end of this month so that Carla can do some baptisms for her ancestors :)

Jefferson´s doing super well, too. He wasn´t able to go to general conference, but he´s still progressing. We talked with his parents, and they´re really nice people. They agreed to letting us watch Meet The Mormons with them on Thursday night.

Alexandra´s no longer progressing. She now has a job on Sundays, and she´s not putting in her part. We´re going to see if we stop visiting her this week.

I´m doing fantastic. Last Pday we bought a family size Hawaiian pizza and watched movies at the house. So yeah. That´s our life. I love you all!

Elder Najera

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